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Job Search Sites

General - Sponsored by Phila. Inquirer – Over 250,000 listings from many-newspapers all over the-country - A job crawler, put in a profile and it will crawl over other sites for you - A site with both links to companies & recruiters - Jobs sorted by career type, specific job and location - One of the largest and most diverse listings - Jobs sorted by location. Job title also has salary and geographic information - Philadelphia based job search - Philadelphia based job search. plus job search advice - Jobs sorted by state and type job, not by city - More than 48,000 listings - Search by city, state and function - Not just temp or contract jobs, but many listings - Philadelphia based jobs - Mostly jobs over $100,000, but fewer jobs than other sites - General job search, mostly in the legal, finance & consulting areas

Government - State of Delaware –Unemployment comp in pa - State of NJ jobs - State of Pa jobs - State of Pa jobs – PA/NJ/DE employee benefits & comp. association

Technical - Chief Information Officers plus information on technical industry - IT jobs - A good IT site, with a breakdown of specific areas - This site allows you to personalize a search and will feed jobs back to you - Philly based Eastern Technology Council web site. - High tech firms along NY-Philly-DC corridor. Job postings as well as research information - IT telecommunications jobs (under careers) - IT jobs contracting/consu1ting - Contract work and temp jobs - Site has consulting section, Philly based. - Pa site to foster job growth. Has entrepreneurial links if you want to start your own business

Recruiters - Management recruiters web site - Korn Ferry recruiter site - Specify location, title, salary; etc. jobs are less than 45 days old - A composite of different recruiters web sites and jobs - Lewis Associates Technical Recruiters - Delaware valley technical recruiters network - Electronic recruiting exchange

Miscellaneous - Finance -A great search engine - A searchable database of winners -Link to chester county chamber of business & industry A great database for research - Delaware County chamber of commerce - A great search engine A good research database - Insurance industry jobs A great research search engine Pharmacutical, health and biotech jobs - Insurance industry jobs - Jobs in logistics, purchasing, etc. - Job search network group in Downingtown, Exton/West Chester - Miscellaneous jobs in all functions, but concentrating in pharmacuticals - A search engine . - Average salary information by job title, location - From Princeton Univ - Fast food market jobs - Consulting jobs - A good research site