Dr. Brennan Pursell

Monday evenings, 7:30 pm to 8:15 pm in the Disciples Room

“In His Hands: A Christian History of Western Civilization” by Dr. Brennan Pursell
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Podcasts of each session are available for listening or downloading HERE.

  • Date..................................Session
  • Jan. 23      The heights of feudal culture in the so-called “late middle ages”
  • Jan. 30      Christianity and the struggle to live in the 13th-15th centuries
  • Feb. 6       Sharing God with all: the Renaissance to Luther’s Reformation
  • Feb. 13     Christendom divided: Catholicism and many Protestantisms
  • Feb. 20      Were there any wars of religion in the 16th and 17th centuries?
  • Feb. 27      Was the early scientific revolution anti-Christian?
  • Mar. 6        No class
  • Mar. 13      The 18th century Enlightenment: writers, wits, and renegades
  • Mar. 20      The French Revolution: a war against the Catholic Church
  • Mar. 27      The 19th century: true progress through and through?
  • Apr. 3         Christians and the struggle for freedom in the 19th century
  • Apr. 10      What hope for mankind? World Wars I and II
  • Apr. 17      Easter Monday. No class
  • Apr. 24      Christianity and the tsunami of late 20th century wealth
  • May 1         Christianity vs. the civilized barbarism of the 21st century
  • May 8       What are the prospects for the Church in the 3rd millennium?

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