Parish Directory

Rev. Msgr. John P. Murphy, Pastor
Rev. Joseph Kweder, Assistant Pastor
Deacon James R. Duncan
Deacon Tom Shubella
Mrs. Bonnie L. Sell, Administrative Assistant
Mr. Kevin Damitz, Religious Education Director
Mrs. Natalie Pionegro, Director of Music & Liturgy
Mr. Frank Flandorffer, Director of Contemporary Choir
Mr. Richard V. Yudt, Director of Child Center
Mr. Brennan Pursell, Ph.D., Director of Adult Faith Formation

Pontifical Mission Societies In The United States
St. Thomas More
1040 Flexer Ave.
Allentown, Pa 18103
Phone: 610-433-7413 Fax: 610-433-2308

Rev. Msgr. John P. Murphy, Diocesan Director

Mrs. Holly Benner, Mission Education Director
for the Holy Childhood Association

Rev. Mark R. Searles, Resident
Deacon Frederick W. Lash
Deacon James Toolan
Deacon Chris Kinsella
Sr. Cynthia Skiendziel, O.S.F.,Parish Ministry
Mr. Jared Rabold, Pastoral Ministry
Mrs. Gwyn Baker, Family Center Manager
Mr. Jon Peace, Youth Ministry
Mr. Carl Weber, STM Middle School Principal
Mrs. Michele Ryan, STM Primary School Principal
Mrs. Tammy Van Kooten, Wee Worship Coord.
Mrs. Julie Testen & Mrs. Mary Louise Padolick, Parish Nurses
Ms. Cyndi Boucher-DeFulvio, More Bread Coordinator